FasTemps Employment
Screening....the key to success!
FasTemps provides pre-employment assessment as well as integrity and skill testing services.  This includes personality, apptitude, language and vocational testing.  By implementing pre-employment testing, you'll be able to pre-screen applicants and reduce interviewing time by 50% or more!  With multiple tests available, we can select the test most appropriate for you!
FasTemps employee criminal background check  services are Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA) compliant and are the msot comrehensive and reliable pre-employment criminal background checks available.  Our employee criminal background check services include SSN verification, national criminal seraches, sex offender searches, county criminal background checks, motor vehicle reports, credit reports, previous employment, education and professional reference checks.
FasTemps drug screening services are available Nationwide.  we have partnered with Concentra and Quest Dianostics to provide in house and clinical testing.  Our clinical includes both non-DOT and DOT compliant testing where all non-negative results are reviewed by a Medial Review Officer (MRO) at the clinical level with no additional charge to the client.