Payroll+ is a unique opportunity to combine forces with other businesses across America to share the cost and risk of employing people. Here is a summary of the services we offer through our parent company, Employer Staffing Solutions Group, Eden Praire, MN.


FasTemps offers an easy way to outsource payroll and payroll taxes including
• Two options for payment
• direct deposit,
• pay cards or
• Complete responsibility for all payroll taxes even if you have payroll in multiple states
• Employee record-keeping and reporting including W2’s.
No more periodic local, state and federal payroll filings!

Employee Health Insurance

Employees have the option of signing up for insurance with options to include

• Basic health insurance
• Options which comply with the Affordable Care Act
• Major Medical
• Dental
• Optical
• Short-term disability
• Term-life

The basic employee health insurance program costs the employer NOTHING. It is covered by employee payroll deductions. The program will have multiple options to fit the needs of every business.

Tax and Retirement Savings

• 401(k) retirement plans
• Profit sharing plans
• Payroll deducted IRA options and program
• Section 125 flexible benefits plan

Workers Compensation Insurance

Unemployment Management

Many business owners have found out the hard way that failure to manage unemployment claims will always result in higher SUTA rates and reduced profits. But it’s difficult and time-consuming to learn the law, fight the claims, and meet the filing deadlines while you are trying to grow your business. Payroll+ has a team of unemployment specialists at your service. They will help fight your battles! We can’t excuse you from solid personnel record-keeping or impulsive firings, but we will keep you organized and give a solid legal foundation for denying invalid claims. Furthermore, our team has knowledge of unemployment law across the country if you have employees in multiple states.

Workers Compensation Claim Management

Payroll+ puts your people in a group with 20,000 other employees. This gives you two major advantages:
• The large volume gives us real purchasing power for negotiating lower rates on workers compensation insurance. The drop in workers comp expense often offsets the administrative cost of Payroll+, sometimes making the whole program free!
• Risk of injuries is spread among a pool of 20,000 employees. In the case of a serious injury, the losses are offset by the lower claim rates for other employers. You will not see a spike in your premiums.
But it is still important to manage claims so the entire pool doesn’t experience excessive losses. Therefore, Payroll+ provides a staff of seasoned workers compensation professions to manage claims. They know the laws of states you do business in. They have the time to track the losses and manage the timeline to get the employee back to work as soon as possible.

Legal Services

How do I word a termination document? How should I conduct an investigation for sexual harassment? What’s my responsibility to provide a Family Leave of Absence? Payroll+ can provide help with those routine employment law issues. You get access to a legal department just like a large corporation. Managing those legal housekeeping issues is like preventative medicine. An ounce of our legal prevention is worth a pound of legal cure later on.

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