Fastemps structures placements tailored to the needs of its clients.


Traditional, short-term temporary placements. This is usually selected to cover vacations, leaves of absence, or peak volume times.


These are long-term placements. However, FasTemps remains the employer of record if it is to the client’s advantage to keep their direct payroll and benefits low. This structure eliminates unemployment liability for the client in case of layoffs.


This gets a drug-screened, criminal-checked employee into the job quickly, then gives the client the opportunity to evaluate the employee before making a permanent job offer.

Direct Hire

FasTemps recruits the candidate, offering resumes and the opportunity for the client to interview. The candidate goes on the client’s payroll from the date of hire, solidifying a long-term, permanent relationship with the candidate from day one. This structure is usually preferred for upper-level technical and managerial positions.


FasTemps assumes the responsibilities of a payroll service, including payment of payroll taxes, record-keeping, and W2’s. However, unlike a mere payroll service, Payroll+ includes these additional services:

  • Employee insurance options
  • Employee benefit programs
  • Management of unemployment claims
  • Management of workers compensation claims
  • Legal services

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